The sites that paid me

Here is the list of sites that paid me,You can join them and start to earning money right now but don't think that you can earn a lot from these site :

  1. World Wide Cash------------ 146.85$
  2. Donkey Mails ------------------152.20$
  3. Earn By Mails ------------------9.25 (closed)$
  4. Xray Cash ----------------------3.85$
  5. Something Else Mails ---------6.75$
  6. Panda Bear Mails --------------9.10$(closed)
  7. Paying Cash --------------------12.52$(going to closing) 
  8. No Minimum -------------------52.45$ 
  9. No Min Pay out -----------------0.19$
  10. Share Ad Space ----------------9.50$
  11. Jill Clickers Corne -------------45.55$
  16. Global Action Cash--------47.85$ 
If you want to earn from your blog you can find Advertisement programs and Blog earning programs here:
Advertising Programs:
  1. Adjungle -----------------57.12$
  2. Advertise 365 ------------57.35$
  3.$ (Closed)
  4. $
  5.$(not recomended)
Blog Earning Programs:
  1. ---------32$
  2. Sponsored Reviews ------415.05$
  3. Smorty---------------------76.40$
  4. Blog To Profit-------------10$

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Anonymous said...

hi swety
i hope to be afreinds
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Iago de Otto said...

Sponsored Reviews looks good, and in fact I am registering for a blogger account with SR right now as well. I have four arms, you see, which makes it a lot easier to do more than one thing at the same time, like typing this comment and signing up in SR.

Actually, the computer that I am using at the moment just refused to cooperate in my SR registration process, possibly because it belongs to a government and it is protected against private uses like operating an Internet-based business.

So, me and my four arms will be taking care of this later after getting home from the day and the night gigs. But at any rate, thanx for the connection to Sponsored Reviews. Iago in Taiwan.

sagmondia said...

Thanx for your kindness.I hope you have a good time and have a great business here online

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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